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2 - Management of the residence card


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We proceed to the application of the NIE to then prepare the notarial deed of  real estate for a mortgage with the bank (if necessary), for the purchase of a car ... during your stay in Spain.


Obtaining NIE can vary from 2 to 15 days, depending on the province. In this case, the buyer is obliged to appear in person when applying. For reception of the NIE the buyer does not need to be present, employees of our company will do the management of all the process  by the power of attorney, leading directly to the operation.


Steps for obtaining:


- Fill out a form.

- Attach a copy of your passport.

- Attach a copy of the contract to purchase the property and confirmation of payment of the mortgage amount.

- Attach a certificate of any Spanish bank stating that the person receiving the NIE, has a bank account. Our company also provides the assistance for opening an account at a Spanish bank.


With all the above documents, we ensure that the NIE be issued.


If the buyer is married, the NIE will be held for both spouses, since they will be registered in the notarial and the real estate registry. The buyer has the right to say that he is not married, and then the NIE will be issued only for him, and on the project of the law will be written, however, may complicate the annual visa petition for his spouse.

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