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In the purchase of real estate by the bank, you can get a mortgage. The conditions of the mortgage of the bank is produced by an independent firm, is appointed by the bank and costs around 300-500 euros. Cost estimates depend heavily on the value of the object.


To obtain the consent of the bank for a loan, you must have the following documents:


- Passport.

- NIE.

- Salary certificate from the employer.

- Annual Statement of income tax.

- Copy of the employment contract.


The bank's annual interest for a mortgage at the moment in Spain if from 3 to 4.5% and the Bank. Our company has personal agreements in a number of banks in Spain and serves to get the best terms on mortgage loans. Getting a home loan is not granted to the buyer directly, but is credited to your bank account and then transferred to the seller. If the seller himself had a mortgage on the property sold, the bank simply rewrites the credit from seller to buyer, and therefore changes the title loan. In all cases, the purchase of real estate with a loan, the bank personally prepares documents for the notary public and transmits them to fix the date of the signing of the memorandum of agreement.

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