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The amount of the payments when you make a purchase of real estate:


- Tax I.V.A. to buy a property - 10% of the value specified in the bill.

- Notary fees to sign the deed of sale and preparation of the documents for the deed - about 1% of the decree on the bill.

- Entry in the register of real estate from 400 EUR to 800 EUR, depending on the value of the property specified in the bill.

- Payments to the bank to buy a property with a loan of up to 1.5% of the loan amount.

- Assessment in order to get a loan from 200 EUR to 500 EUR.

Obtaining NIE - from 200 EUR to 400 EUR, depending on the province of Spain.


Regular payments:


- Annual property tax, which depends on the initial value of the property, its size and location. For an apartment with 2-3 bedrooms that costs about € 200,000 annual tax of 300-350 euros. For a house of 120 square meters on a plot of 600 square meters, the annual tax rate is from  400-500 euros.

- Payment of community services (Garbage collection, street lighting, elevator in the house, the area around the house if it is a park and a swimming pool, etc) - from 40 to 100 euros per month.

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